Light for Organizations is a ministry serving leaders of faith-based and secular organizations. It exists to support persons who wish to more fully align their organizations with God’s purposes, presence and power.

The purposes of this website are to inform and encourage leaders who seek to be guided by God and to connect them with this ministry’s services.

The website informs leaders through the framework pages and the blog. The framework pages provide an overview of the avenues and elements that encourage organizational spiritual development. The blog posts describe the framework in more detail. The framework, in conversation with leaders’ knowledge and experience, sets the stage for leaders to guide their organizations toward greater alignment with the love and power of God.

The website encourages leaders through helping them find a spiritual direction group and the blog. Through spiritual direction groups, by following the blog, and sharing experiences via comments, leaders find fellowship with each other and contribute to the well-being of their peers and their organizations.

The website also connects leaders with Light for Organization’s services. Go to the spiritual accompaniment, spiritual discernment, and spiritual direction groups pages to learn more about how Rhonda can support you in your work.

This ministry invites all readers to co-create systems that are woven together and undergirded by Love, which will result in more effective, vital, resilient, and innovative organizations and a better world.