Light for Organizations is a ministry serving leaders of faith-based and secular organizations. In particular, it supports those persons who seek to more fully align their organizations with God’s purposes, presence and power.

The purpose of this website is to inform and encourage leaders who seek to be guided by God. The content of this website is information about how leaders can more fully allow the Divine to work through them to improve the spiritual condition of their organization.

The website informs leaders through the framework pages and the blog. The framework pages provides an overview of the avenues and elements that encourage organizational spiritual development. The blog posts describe the elements in more detail. The information in the posts, in conversation with leaders’ knowledge and experience, sets the stage for taking action. So when opportunities arise, leaders can make decisions that will help their organization be more open to and act with the love and power of God.

The website encourages leaders through the blog and the community page. By following the blog and sharing experiences via comments, leaders develop fellowship with each other and contribute to the well-being of their peers and their organizations. The community page encourages leaders too. By seeing the logos of other committed organizational leaders, leaders’ deeply-held values will be reinforced and their courage strengthened.

This ministry invites all readers to co-create systems that are woven together and undergirded by Love, which will result in more effective, vital, resilient, and innovative organizations and a better world.