About Light for Organizations

The mission of the Light for Organizations ministry is to inform leaders about the spiritual nature of organizations and to encourage and support them as they take steps to improve their organization’s spiritual condition.

This website helps to fulfill the purpose of informing leaders about the spiritual nature of organizations. It provides an overarching framework for organizational spiritual development and regular blog posts that describe the avenues and elements of this framework. Through reading the content of this website and following the blog, leaders will learn how to improve the spiritual condition of their organization.

This website also helps to fulfill the purpose of encouraging leaders, particularly those who seek to integrate faith into their work of organizational leadership. It satisfies that goal in two ways–through underscoring the importance and relevance of integrating faith into organizational leadership and helping leaders know that there are other people like them. The community page displays the logos of organizations whose leaders and/or leadership teams are committed to aligning their organization with God’s purposes, presence and power.

While this website supports leaders through informing and encouraging them, it doesn’t directly support leaders who are taking steps to improve their organization’s spiritual condition. In the future, coaching and workshop facilitation will be added to the ministry. A book might also be offered. The book would organize and synthesize the material presented in the blog and help leaders consider it more deeply and systematically. In particular, it would help individual leaders discern which elements to adopt and would serve as a conduit to focus conversations among leadership teams.

Which would be most helpful to you: coaching, workshop facilitation, or a book? Your feedback will help determine next steps.

To learn more about Light for Organizations, please also see the other About pages: The Logo, The Results, and The Minister.