The Minister

My Orientation

I believe that God, the loving communion that serves as the foundation of ultimate reality, desires to be present with and guide persons and organizations into its fullness and joy.

The Hospitality of Abraham by Andrei Rublev

By integrating Judeo-Christian principles, Quaker spirituality, and organization studies, I have developed a framework that helps leaders encourage the life of the Spirit of God in organizations.

While I am a Quaker Christian, I believe that people from a variety of faiths and traditions will find truth and wisdom here. If you do, but find my Quaker and/or Christian language distracting or unhelpful, please translate my words into those that are more meaningful and helpful for you.

I also write for a blog called Naming Spirit: Capturing Eternity in Motion. It is a catalog of spiritually-oriented writings that arise from my engagement with Spirit, experience among Friends, and reflection upon spiritual readings. Currently, I am posting daily reflections.

My Grounding

Quaker Testimonies

Vocation: To witness the movement and encourage the life of God, of Love and its Power, in organizations.

Mission: To inform, encourage and support leaders who seek to more fully align their organization with the purpose, presence and power of God.

Vision: A world in which organizations, through the actions of humans, commonly endeavor to live in communion with God and creation.

Values: Simplicity, Community, Equality, Integrity, Stewardship, and Peace

Prayer: May you witness the movement of the Spirit in your organization and be drawn together more fully into the heart of God.

My Background

I grew up on the High Plains of Colorado, part of a family with strong Anabaptist roots. After developing interests in psychology and business, I pursued majors in Business Administration and Psychology at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas. Due to the encouragement of one of my college professors, I pursued and received a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from The Ohio State University.

After getting married, I taught at the college level and consulted. I owned my own consulting firm (Harmony Management Consulting) and worked for a multi-national human resource consulting firm (Mercer Human Resource Consulting).

When my children were older, I went back to school and got an MA in Theology from Xavier University. I taught again at the college and graduate levels, but soon determined that academia was not my home.

While completing a program of spiritual nurture through the School of the Spirit Ministry, I discerned that I was called to be a pastor to organizations. While this call was a deep personal challenge, I also saw it as an opportunity to bring together faith and scholarship.

I am a member of Spiritual Directors International and the Academy of Management. Within AoM, I am a member of the Management, Spirituality & Religion interest group and the Health Care Management and Organizational Development & Change divisions.

I am a member of Eastern Hills Friends Meeting. The meeting has taken my call to ministry under its care. I appreciate the help of many friends–Quakers, Catholics, and Protestant/Evangelical Christians–who have helped me develop this ministry.