The Ministry

Light for Organizations

The Light for Organizations ministry informs leaders about the spiritual nature of organizations and encourages and supports them as they take steps to improve their organization’s spiritual condition.

Leaders will become better informed about the spiritual nature of organizations by learning about the framework for organizational spiritual development and subscribing to the blog, which provides posts about the avenues and elements of the framework. By applying these ideas, leaders can improve the spiritual condition of their organization.

Leaders will find encouragement here to integrate their faith into their work. This ministry stems from God’s desire to be present with leaders and organizations as they pursue God’s purposes. It is also reinforced by research evidence. This ministry is also a part of a much larger network of people and organizations who have been called and are actively working to reintegrate faith and work.

Finally, leaders who are looking for one time or on-going support will find it here. Rhonda offers organizational spiritual accompaniment, spiritual discernment, and spiritual direction groups. While she primarily works in the Greater Cincinnati area, arrangements can be made for travel or meeting remotely.