The Results

Research Findings

While the role of spirituality and religion in the workplace is a relatively new area of scientific inquiry, research has found that spirituality in the workplace has a significant, positive affect on individuals and organizations.

Spirituality in the workplace has a positive affect on individuals. For example, it increases altruism, conscientiousness, and self-career management.

Spirituality in the workplace also has a positive affect on the workplace attitudes. In particular, it increases job satisfaction, job involvement and commitment while reducing frustration and inter-role conflict.

Spirituality in the workplace has also been found to improve behavior and the outcomes associated with those behaviors. It increases organizational citizenship behavior, ethical behavior, and work unit performance. It also increases work unit and overall productivity, sales growth and retention.

These results are consistent across various countries and cultures, including Brazil, China, India, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, and the United States.

Margaret Benefiel, Louis W. Fry & David Geigle. Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace: History, Theory, and Research. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 2014, Vol. 6, No. 3, 175–187.