While delivering Light for Organizations’ services, Rhonda…

Focuses on organizational spirituality
She believes that organizations are entities whose spiritual life transcends yet has been cultivated and shaped by its leaders and members. She works with individuals and groups to help them better align their organization with God’s purposes, presence, and power.

Tailors her services to your organization
While the Light for Organizations ministry suggests a framework for organizational spiritual development, Rhonda understands that every person, group and organization is unique. She works to understand your needs, desires and goals prior to making suggestions or recommendations.

Is informed by scholarship and intuition
She draws from both head and heart while working with people in organizations. She keeps up with cutting-edge research and reads widely in the fields of organizational studies, psychology, and spirituality. She also pays attention to systems, relational dynamics, emotions, and spiritual guidance.

Is called to serve
Rhonda has been inspired to help people know that organizations are part of the goodness of creation, whose functioning can contribute to fullness of life. She helps people be more aware of God’s presence, guidance, and love, so they are better able to find ways to overcome the suffering, strain, and pain that can come from work and organizations.