Conflict Transformation

Transforming Workplace Conflict for Constructive Change

The Light for Organizations ministry is offering conflict transformation services for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Conflict transformation, in contrast to conflict resolution or conflict management approaches, is used in contexts with significant history and relationships that require future collaboration. It is especially useful when repeated cycles of deep-seated conflict have led to destructive patterns or violent behavior.

Conflict transformation is the process of developing a multifaceted, relationship-centered system that harnesses conflict to end a destructive state while building a constructive future.

The system considers the content of conflict episodes in the context of relational and historical patterns while seeking future-oriented solutions that consider organizational relationships. It effects personal, relational, and organizational dynamics through developing change processes that are responsive in the short-term and strategic in the long-term.


  • Resolves conflict while preventing proliferation and escalation of future episodes
  • Generates empathy and compassion through self-reflection and conversation
  • Creates energy for the formulation and implementation of a desired future
  • Facilitates the development of organizational resilience and innovation

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