Amplify Spirit

The Elements of Amplify Spirit

The purpose of Amplify Spirit is to increase the amount of spiritual energy in an organization, to enable better access to it, and to use it to accomplish organizational purposes. There are three elements associated with this avenue that help to satisfy this purpose. They include:

  • Affirm Spiritual Awareness Practices
  • Adopt Spiritual Discernment Practices
  • Embrace Spiritual Decision Making

Affirm Spiritual Awareness Practices

To Affirm Spiritual Awareness Practices is to create a space for people to engage in spiritual practices during the workday. Allowing staff members to engage in spiritual practices at work helps them to bring their full selves to work while incorporating the benefits of spirituality into the workplace. Individual practices cultivate spiritual deepening and faithfulness, while group-level practices deepen fellowship and strengthen community in an organization.

Adopt Spiritual Discernment Practices

To Adopt Spiritual Discernment Practices is to adopt practices that help individuals and groups come to a clearer sense of the truth about themselves, others, or God’s desires. Spiritual discernment practices provide comfort in difficult times, reminders regarding human limitations, and guidance when direction is needed. While these practices have traditionally been used to help individuals, they can be adjusted and used for small groups as well.

Embrace Spiritual Decision Making

To Embrace Spiritual Decision Making is to apply spiritual awareness and spiritual discernment to decision making. Spiritual decision making requires the use of multiple spiritual gifts and interdependent roles, as the ability to both detect the movement of the Spirit and test discernment is necessary. Spiritual decision making can be conducted at both the group and organizational levels. Spiritual maturity and leadership is strongly recommended.

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