Build Capacity for Spirit

The Elements of Build Capacity for Spirit

The purpose of Build Capacity for Spirit is to develop the types of working relationships that allow the presence and power of God to become more apparent and active. There are three elements associated with this avenue that help to satisfy its purpose. They include:

  • Encourage Engagement
  • Enliven Compassion
  • Foster Collaboration

Encourage Engagement

To Encourage Engagement is to create a work situation that allows people to more fully realize their divine nature. This type of work situation is developed through offering meaningful work, a safe and supportive work environment, and relationships that encourage people to see themselves in a positive light. In keeping with the two greatest commandments, it’s a workplace that urges people to love God, each other, and themselves (see Matthew 22:36-39).

Enliven Compassion

To Enliven Compassion is to set up social architecture that helps alleviate suffering — the suffering associated with work and the suffering that people bring to work. It requires taking stock then acting to build or reinforce systems that help people notice, interpret, feel and act compassionately in the workplace. To be compassionate is to be about the Lord’s work…, to be compassionate at work is to reveal God’s Love-Life everywhere and create a stronger, more resilient future for the organization.

Foster Collaboration

To Foster Collaboration is to create the formal and informal conditions that help teams thrive. Practically speaking, collaboration helps people work together to achieve common goals. Spiritually speaking, collaboration is an interweaving of wills that builds community, a type of interdependence that evokes creative power rather than requires an external imposition of power. It’s the type of unity that makes the impossible possible.

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