Overarching Framework

A Framework of Avenues and Elements

An organization’s spiritual condition is based on the extent it is associated with God’s purposes, presence and power. To help leaders get a handle on the primary places to focus, the Light for Organizations ministry offers a framework to help leaders understand and take steps to improve their organization’s spiritual condition.

The framework contains actions that leaders can take to help organizations be more open to the love and power of God. As an organization’s spiritual condition improves, being faithful to God’s purposes, aware of God’s presence, and guided by God’s power will become more ingrained in its life.

The Avenues

The framework is made up of four avenues. They are Encourage Faithfulness, Build Capacity for Spirit, Reduce Obstacles to Spirit, and Amplify Spirit.

The Avenues

Each avenue has a purpose:

  • Encouraging Faithfulness – to become aware of God’s purposes and to align the organization with them
  • Building Capacity for Spirit – to develop working relationships that allow the presence and power of God to become more apparent and active
  • Reducing Obstacles to Spirit – to remove the barriers that hinder the flow of spiritual energy among people and groups in an organization
  • Amplifying Spirit – to increase the amount of spiritual energy in an organization and to enable better access to it

The Elements

Each avenue contains three elements. These elements work together to satisfy the purpose of each avenue. The elements are introduced along with their avenue. More information about how to carry out each element is provided in the blog posts.

To go to the avenues directly, use these links: Encourage Faithfulness, Build Capacity for Spirit, Reduce Obstacles to Spirit, and Amplify Spirit.

Note: This framework, reorganized slightly, aligns with the three dimensions of workplace spirituality. Read about the dimensions of organization-level workplace spirituality in my article “Reconceptualizing Organizational Spirituality: Theological Roots for Scientific and Practical Fruit” that was published in Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion. While I was excited to see that the Light for Organizations framework and the three dimensions of workplace spirituality were aligned, given the spiritual grounding of the framework, I still prefer to work with them as the four avenues I’ve described here.