Reduce Obstacles to Spirit

The Elements of Reduce Obstacles for Spirit

The purpose of Reducing Obstacles to Spirit is to remove the barriers that hinder the flow of spiritual energy among people and groups in an organization. There are three elements associated with this avenue that help to satisfy its purpose. They include:

  • Facilitate Constructive Conflict
  • Encourage Fairness, Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Mark Times of Change, Grief and Celebration

Facilitate Constructive Conflict

To Facilitate Constructive Conflict is to understand and engage with conflict in a way that harnesses its energy for growth and development. It’s a creative process–learning how to find and articulate differences then building something new in the process of integrating them. It also means understanding the primary approaches for responding to conflict (i.e., resolution, management and transformation) and knowing when and how to use them for the organization’s benefit.

Encourage Fairness, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

To Encourage Fairness, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation is to develop a manner of engagement within an organization and its work groups that promotes fair treatment and paves the way for forgiveness and reconciliation. While a climate for fairness differs from a climate for forgiveness and reconciliation, they support each other and jointly depend on an organization’s environment, cultural values, leader attributes, and organizational practices. Encouraging climates of fairness, forgiveness and reconciliation is to cultivate peace and be children of God at work.

Mark Times of Change, Grief and Celebration

To Mark Times of Change, Grief and Celebration is to take time for change, grief, and celebration and to include people in activities that honor their reality. The challenge associated with this element is that it requires facing the reality of change, acknowledging grief, and welcoming celebration. We honor God and our humanity when we set aside time to recognize that change, loss, love and beauty are part of life, even organizational life. Moreover, through setting aside time for the sacred, we give ourselves the freedom to enjoy the daily, mundane aspects of life more fully.

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