Organizational Spiritual Formation

Guidance for an Organization’s Spiritual Path

The Light for Organizations ministry offers organizational spiritual formation services for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Organizational spiritual formation helps leaders listen to the voice of the Divine as they work to achieve their goals and work through their challenges. It takes the form of an ongoing partnership made up of Rhonda and a leader or leadership team that is committed to aligning the organization with God’s purposes, presence and power.

Rhonda integrates spiritual listening, coaching and consulting throughout the process. The work orients around a proprietary framework of avenues and elements that is derived from the integration of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Theology and Spirituality.

The Light for Organizations framework contains an overview of the avenues and elements that affect the spiritual condition of an organization. The avenues are: Encourage Faithfulness, Build Capacity for Spirit, Reduce Obstacles to Spirit, and Amplify Spirit. The elements, the specific areas that an organization can choose to work on, are found on the avenue pages. A couple examples of the elements include:

  • Staff Engagement
  • Spiritual Discernment
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Compassion in the Workplace

Rhonda accompanies faith-based leaders who work in secular organizations. For faith-based organizations, she works with leaders, leadership teams, or, in the case of smaller organizations, the entire group.

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