Spiritual Discernment

Standing with Organizations at Crossroads

Light for Organizations is available to facilitate spiritual discernment for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Organizational spiritual discernment is the process of gaining insight and guidance from God for a leader, leadership team, or group in the context of an organization. It can be used on an on-going basis for small, everyday decisions or during set-aside times for significant decisions.

When employed on an ongoing basis, organizational spiritual discernment helps people develop more fruitful ways of being, making decisions, and acting in the world.

When used during set-aside times, spiritual discernment helps a group or organization find spirit-led solutions for significant decisions. Whether an organization is in a time of transition, discomfort, or crisis, organizational spiritual discernment can lead to life-giving change, growth, and transformation.

Rhonda works with leaders and leadership teams who are part of organizations where guidance of the Spirit is desired, supported or encouraged. She also works with individuals who are part of organizations that are not open to faith or spirituality.

Contact Rhonda to discuss your goals and challenges.